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Give everything you have every day. In the work place, in the box, at home, to your family, to your friends.

As most things start with an idea. The idea was to open a gym like no other. And so CrossFit WHK opened its doors in August 2014. Our founding members didn’t just want a place to call their own, but a “home” for anyone willing to pull their weight in sweat and hi5’s, be part of a community and live a Sold out life.


Here at our box, everyone is welcome no matter your background or fitness level. Everyone has their own reasons for walking through the door and whatever it maybe, we can help.

“Book your spot, be on time and stay awhile. It’s not just about the workout.” CrossFit is not just a strength and conditioning that gets you ready for anything outside the box, but a community of people from all walks of life.


As we have created a great community in our box, we encourage all our members to be active outside the box. Taking part in events and activities from Saturday trail runs with the coaches to triathlons and corporate fun/sport days.




Box Manager & Coach and Kids/Teens Coach

Coach JP Aka The Mechanic, Engine Specialist. Coach JP loves loads of volume and those 60min+ wods. He has a persistent approach to his coaching and will not give up ‘till we have everyone doing near perfect squats. And this goes for all the movements.  He practises what he preaches, train hard and stay humble.


“Push yourself harder than yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow.”

Jean-Pierre Camm


Coach / HIIT

Coach Kevin loves to motivate people. "Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths"

Training and CrossFit has helped him through some hard times in life when no one was there, but the iron always stuck around.

CrossFit taught  me how to enjoy fitness with friends and family and I got to meet the greatest people that became like family.


"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself"

Kevin Loteryman


Coach / HIIT

Coach JD Aka Handsome Sansom. Coach JD loves to see people improve. To do only 1% more each day is all that is needed to make yourself a better athlete and person inside the box as well as outside.         " Crossfit changed my life. I was overweight and transformed to a 92kg athlete "


"Always keep your head down and eyes forward"


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