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She is tagged in 207 photos, made 19 photo tags. E-mail. Stay in touch with us: Aweome you are Contact Miss Annie C is a member of Model Mayhem since Oct 2, 2008. Hi, my name is Annie, I'm a 22-year old graduate of Houston and I've been modeling for about 2 years. I am currently single, but I am very open-minded. If I'm not spending my time modeling, I'm watching movies, cooking, playing the guitar, shopping, and of course, reading. I'm also an avid gamer; I just got an Xbox 360! I love all things related to the beauty industry; makeup, hair, nails, and skin care. I love my dog Lola, and spending time with my best friend; my mom. I'm based out of Houston, Texas. If you're interested in checking out my modeling portfolio, please feel free to contact me! I'm always looking for new opportunities. I think that the more beautiful the woman is the more confidence you get from being around her. On the other hand, I love a woman who is classy and sexy. It is hard to balance the two. In other words, she has to have the heart of a princess and the sexiness of a supermodel. If I was going to be an actor I would like to be a film star like the ones you see in “Sex and the City” or “Aquamarine”. My favorite thing about being a model is being able to be independent, I can decide where I work and when I work. My interests are all over the place, but mostly I love the movie “Sex and the City”, it's my favorite. I love comedies, even though they're not my personal taste, I just love watching them. As long as the movies are enjoyable, I'll watch them. I’m quite comfortable with my looks. The first thing I want to know about a person is what kind of person they are. If they’re outgoing and social, I’m open to meeting new people. But if they’re quiet and shy, I don’t want to bother them. There are some people who are very attractive, but I don’t know how to approach them and I’m nervous about them. So I think that appearance




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